Reliability analysis of turbine unit using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Lambda-Tau approach


  • Dilbagh Panchal Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, Haryana, India



IFLT Reliability parameters, Availability, Maintenance schedule, Reliability indices


The current work presents a two phase Intuitionistic Fuzzy (IF) based framework, for investigating the reliability analysis of a Turbine Unit (TU) in a sugar mill process industry. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Lambda Tau (IFLT) approach-based series-parallel expressions have been applied for computing various reliability indices. For series arrangement OR gate transitions expression has been used, and for parallel arrangement AND gate expressions has been used for calculation of reliability parameters for membership and non- membership function. For membership function, system’s availability decreases by 0.000002% for spread value ±15% to±30%, further decreases by 0.000005% for spread value ± 30% to±45%. While, non- membership function-based system’s availability decreases by 0.000003% for spread value ± 15% to±30% and further decreases by 0.000007 % for spread value ± 30% to±45%. The reliability trends at various spreads lay the foundation of studying the failure behaviour of the TU and to plan a maintenance schedule.


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